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S2R Group EPICS model


for high-impact training.

S2R Group's model is based on the latest scientific research surrounding how to develop and deliver content that resonates, how people learn, and how to make sure that new skills are sustainably embedded into organizations.


Evaluate needs to determine proper training program fit.

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  • EVALUATE: During the evaluation phase, one of our experts meets with key team members to conduct a needs assessment.  This phase includes:

    • In-person interviews with key team members to collaboratively assess current state and determine desired future state. 

    • Assess current knowledge and skills.

    • Jointly determine achievable goals.

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  • PLAN:During the planning phase, S2R applies the latest scientific literature surrounding the customer's needs, personalizes a program rooted adult learning and implementation science, and develops a framework for success. This phase includes:

    • Development of a detailed, scientifically-based training program.

    • Development of a content delivery model that meets the customer's needs.

    • Development of training schedule.

    • Development and distribution of customer pre-work.

  • IMPLEMENT: The implementation phase will provide both training to the team and a plan to implement new skills at the organizational level.  This phase includes:

    • Delivery of classroom programs.

    • Development of an organizational implementation model with goals and milestones.

    • Comprehensive workbooks and continued skill development.

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  • CONSULT: Implementation science research indicates that sustainable skill development occurs when expanded knowledge is combined with ongoing practice and consultation. This is why S2R Group recommends ongoing practice and support through consultation, specifically the following:

    • Regularly-scheduled "office hour" follow-ups ​with expert on an as-needed basis following training program;

    • Webinars aimed at providing additional support for implementing your new skills.

    • One-on-one consultation regarding organizational implementation barriers with S2R Group experts.

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  • SUSTAIN: S2R's model is aimed at creating an environment conducive to learning and helping individuals and organizations sustain the new skills that they learn at our sessions. To that end, we aim to arm and empower attendees with the skills to sustain change independently.  That said, we encourage customers to leverage our team for follow-up sessions and/or maintenance sessions as needed.

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Need training in a specific area?

Our training seminars offer knowledge and skill development opportunities for high impact topics relevant to both business and technical leaders.



Want to stop guessing?  We can help you create a systems-based people assessment and selection process that brings clarity and confidence to your hiring and promotion processes.



Our flagship program is aimed at helping teams realize potential by building the communication, leadership, and resilience skills necessary to propel elite performance. 



Coaching, training and consulting services to help you solve the systems- and people-focused issues that inhibit growth. Whether focused on a specific project, or looking for a trusted adviser, our team is here to help.

Implement a proven method to simplify your business, clarify your vision, systemize your process, and create a scalable system primed for growth.


It is lonely at the top. Our individual consulting and training services can help leaders gain insight and awareness into themselves and others, develop new strategies for approaching situations and

relationships, and achieve goals.

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